Body Sculpting

Treatment Area Single Session 10 Session Prepaid
Upper Arms
Thighs $125
Calves $80 $640
Buttocks/Hips $125
Abdomen $125



Body Sculpting with Ultrasound Cavitation

What is Ultrasound Cavitation?
Ultrasound Cavitation is a treatment that helps sculpt areas with localized fat. Typically, thighs, abdomen, and hips are popular but there is no real limitation as to areas of the body.

The procedure is ideal for people who are dissatisfied with certain areas of fatty deposits but do not want to undergo invasive surgical treatment like liposuction. The treatment does not necessarily result in overall weight loss, but can improve shape, contour and size reduction in the treatment area. After a few sessions, users are supposed to see a reduction in inches, not pounds.

Am I a good candidate for Ultrasound Cavitation treatments?
Clients currently following a healthy diet or a good weight loss plan will likely see more significant results and weight loss will more likely occur. Individuals who have up to 25–30 pounds to lose are good candidates for the treatment as it is ideal for those who have tried to shift stubborn fatty areas with diet or exercise and are aiming for a more balanced shape.

This procedure is not a recommended treatment for morbid obesity, nor is it a weight loss cure. If a significant amount of surplus fat exists, it is recommended that individuals complete a successful diet and exercise program before commencing the treatment program to assist with those final few pounds. A complimentary consultation can help determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedures. Also, we always recommend you consult a physician with any specific medical questions you may have.

Is Ultrasound Cavitation Safe?
Yes. It is a non-surgical procedure, completed without anesthesia. It is completely non-invasive, which allows you to carry on with your normal activities before and after the sessions.

Does Ultrasound Cavitation Work?
Yes, when the procedure is executed correctly and the client follow the protocols. Using leading edge technology, fat cells are converted into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system. However, for the procedure to be effective, there are a number of key elements that are often overlooked which give the procedure itself mixed reviews. Two of the most common are:

1) Proper Procedure - The individual or salon is not implementing the procedure properly. Ultrasound Cavitation is a popular slimming treatment that has been around for years. However, the treatment is more popular overseas in Asia where they have perfected the procedure to provide consistent results. Accordingly, to achieve optimal results, Kyou Beauty Salon & Spa combines the best practices of Eastern and Western techniques for all our body, facial, and skincare treatments with the owner having over 30 years experience in the beauty industry owning and operating salons in Taipei, Taiwan and New York City prior to opening Kyou Beauty Salon.

Many salons in the states only implement a portion of the procedure which is ineffective and produced mixed results and reviews. The ultrasound cavitation machine only helps to break down the cellular wall so that alone is not effective. It is required to heat up the fat in order to help it get out of the cell. Also, incorporating unique Asian massage techniques to assist with the lymph circulation enables the fat to be properly disposed through the liver and kidneys.

2) Hydration is key! - Because the proper function of the lymphatic and urinary systems are required for the removal of the fat cells from the body, proper hydration before, during, and after the procedure is key to help flush out the fat.

Drinking water is essential in order to eliminate the wastes and toxins your body will ridding itself of. We recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water on the days before and after the session, in addition to always getting plenty of water on a regular basis.

Also, Alcohol can prevent your liver from working to remove fats, as it will make alcohol metabolism priority before fat removal which is likely to hinder your results. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to refrain from any alcohol consumption for 3 days following your treatments.

How many Ultrasound Cavitation sessions are recommended for optimal results?
The number of sessions recommended for optimal results depend on multiple factors unique to you including body mass and circumference, size, age, hormonal balance, medications and your individual desired goals. Although most individuals will begin to see a slight difference after just one session, a series of sessions is recommended for more optimal and sustainable results.

Accordingly, the number of sessions recommended varies but generally between 10 and 20 sessions per area is ideal.Also, at least 72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat.